Maatek is a joint venture between Corrotek Consultants and TSW Analytical Pty Ltd.

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Established in 1985 by Ian Glover, Corrotek Consultants is considered one of Australia’s foremost authorities on corrosion and protective coatings specification. Ian’s expertise is highly sought after and together with Dr Bruce Henshaw, Corrotek Consultants has grown from strength to strength. The pair are routinely requested to provide consultancy on major oil and gas projects in Australia and abroad.

TSW Analytical was founded 2006 on the back of 20+ years of forensic and analytical chemistry experience, investigation, research-based problem solving expertise and implementation of new technologies across domestic and worldwide markets. In that time, TSW Analytical has effectively and efficiently assisted government and commercial organizations across mining, food and law enforcement sectors and established an international reputation for excellence. The TSW team is comprised of highly skilled scientists with diverse backgrounds and specialist skills who are dedicated to helping clients with solving their complex, industry-unique problems as well as maintaining a high standard of expertise in corrosion science.

Maatek Pty Ltd is a partnership which brings together knowledge of chemical, mining, petroleum, natural gas and coatings industry needs with the scientific expertise to assess and address those issues.

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